A Smile Makeover Case Report

A Smile Makeover Case Report

Author: DDS Dr. Sally Almhana MSc. cosmetic dentistry Damascus university-Syria, clinical instructor at Kalamoon University- Syria



In modern dentistry esthetics are not only about creating balance and harmony within a smile, but also have much to do with creating the illusion of perfection by using various dental materials and techniques. Smile design principles, such as determining the placement of the incisal edge, the development of pleasing width/height ratios, and the development of esthetic gingival contours should be used to help achieve the desired goals.



The main goal of an esthetic makeover is to develop a peaceful and stable masticatory system, where the teeth, tissues, muscles, skeletal structures and joints all function in harmony (Peter Dawson). It is very important that when planning treatment for esthetics cases, smile design cannot be isolated from a comprehensive approach to patient care. Achieving a successful, healthy and functional result requires an understanding of the interrelationship among all the supporting oral structures, including the muscles, bones, joints, gingival tissues and occlusion.


A female patient 27 y/o was admitted to our office wanting a much nicer smile. She was quite conscious of her smile, and had felt this way for many years, and lacked the confidence to smile in photographs.

The patient had an orthodontic treatment for 7 years (ten years ago), decolorized ill-fitting composite fillings, gingivitis and inadequate PMF crowns in central insicors giving a bad image of the esthetic zone. The patient is in need of full mouth rehabilitation.


  • before treatment


  • Picture including the smile lines before & after treatment

The treatment plan:

1 intraoral & profile photos before treatment (initial state)

2 improve oral hygiene

3 scaling

4 endodontic retreatments

5 digital smile design analysis

6 laser gingivectomy/gingivoplasty (crown lengthening)

7 preparation of teeth for all-ceramic crowns

8 the impression

9 choose bleach 3 as a main color and give it more natural effects

10 cementation of crowns using 3M opaque resin cement

11 pictures of final result-after treatment


Digital Smile Design a tool for both diagnosis & treatment smile analysis


  • all-ceramic crowns


  • esthetics with Smile Design


before & after


  • before & after


  • final result


  • final result



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