Dental Newsweek is an Open-Access, Peer-reviewed, quarterly magazine, printed on CD and sent door-to-door for all subscribers internationally.

The aim of this magazine is to cover the latest information and updates on the fastest-growing fields in dentistry, nevertheless, bring evidence-based dentistry to the forefront and highlight its importance. Published three times a year, the Dental Newsweek serves as a platform for the exchange of interesting case reports, scientific studies, literature reviews and valuable tips for the common benefit of the dental community.

Dental Newsweek is packed full of feature articles, state-of-the-art treatment options, and easy-to-understand solutions to real-world oral health challenges facing people just like you. We are committed to providing you with a high-quality dental magazine that has the perfect balance between entertainment, education, science, and beauty so that you can more readily understand and maintain optimal oral health. And by combining beautiful graphics and accurate illustrations with our simplified explanations for highly technical and complex treatments, you can easily grasp the subject matter. This unique approach best enables you to make confident, informed oral healthcare decisions for yourself and your family.

The specific activities are covering all the aspects of dentistry in different sections, case –reports, recent advances, discussion. The magazine presents work on topics of concern to academics and professionals in a wide range of fields. The role of the journal is to inform its readers of ideas, opinions, developments and key issues in dentistry – clinical, practical and scientific – stimulating interest, debate and discussion amongst dentists of all specialties and disciplines.



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