Dental Newsweek welcomes all authors and researchers for submit their articles. All submissions must be in the English and should be submitted by the online submission system. Each manuscript will be provided with a manuscript ID and all correspondence is done through e-mail: preferably by the corresponding author.

The main submission form is a series of tabbed windows, which you can move among by clicking the tabs at the top of the form. (The form may be filled out in any order.) You will move between the following tabs.

  1. Authors: Names, telephone, and e-mail addresses for all authors, including selection of one to be corresponding author.
  2. Manuscript Information:
    • The Article type you are submitting (see, Information of Auther.)
    • The title of your manuscript
  3. Upload Documents: Upload the manuscript, the Supplementary Material file, and any auxiliary files. As detailed in our instructions for [Information], for the main manuscript, Science prefers to receive a single complete file that includes all figures and tables in Word’s .docx format (Word 2007, 2010, or 2008 or 2011 for a Mac).  The Supplementary Material should be submitted as a single separate file in .docx or PDF format. The main manuscript file and the Supplementary Material file each have a 14MB size limit. Supplementary multi-media or large data files that cannot be included in the main Supplementary Materials file should be uploaded as Auxiliary Supplementary Materials at our submission site. There is a 14MB combined size limit on auxiliary files and a limit of 10 auxiliary files. Video clips should be in mp4 format. Quicktime (mov) files are acceptable provided the h.264 compression setting is used. Where possible please use HD frame size (1920×1080 pixels). Animated GIFs are not accepted. For audio files, WAV AIFF, AU or m4a are preferred. MP3 or AAC files are acceptable but a bit rate of at least 160kb/s must be used. Authors should submit video and audio with clearly identifiable accompanying captions and credit information. Other items that are required at submission and should be uploaded to the Auxiliary files section.
  4. Data files required for review of your manuscript.
  5. Written permission from any author who is not an author of your manuscript but whose work is cited as in press. Permission must allow distribution of in press manuscripts or relevant data to reviewers.
  6. Validate: Confirm and complete the submission (we will not consider a submission complete until it is confirmed).

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